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High Performance Solenoid Coils


The Usage of solenoid coils has been increased rapidly due to their versatile applications The whole process, from injection molding to coil winding, is carried out in-house. Omni Matrix utilizes cutting-edge technology in our operations such as an automated 4-spindle winding machine which makes sure that all of the coils are wound uniformly, while an automated welding machine ensures that the welds are also uniform. Customized SPMs for assembly and testing also help Omni Matrix make solenoid coils for different applications.

Served Sectors

Solenoid Coil

On-Off Coils

Solenoid Coil

Automotive Fuel Injectors

Solenoid Coil

Pneumatic On-off Applications

Value Added Services

Solenoid Coil


We do Sub-Assemblies as well as
final product assemblies

Solenoid Coil


With an in house progressive stamping service we are
assure in timely and quality production

Solenoid Coil

IP Rated Coils

Cables are made water
and dust-proof

Solenoid Coil

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning removes
dust particles from the parts

Solenoid Coil


With an in House Prototyping service
we are your partner from the start

Solenoid Coil

Air Leak Test

Parts are checked to make sure
they are leak-proof

Technical Specifications

Capabilities & Services

Machine Details:

Manufacturer Machine Specifications
Brand 50T Horizontal Injection
Brand 150T Horizontal Injection
Brand 55T/120T Vertical Injection
Brand 4 Spindle Winding Machine
Brand Resistance Welding Machine
Brand EOL Testing Machines

Part Production Capabilities

  • Due to modular assembly line any Customised/Standard Solenoid Coils can be manufactured

Product Gallery

Solenoid Coil
Solenoid Coil
Solenoid Coil
Solenoid Coil

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