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13P/24V ADR

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Technical Specifications


  • ISO 12098
  • ISO 4091
  • ISO 6722


  • Exceptional recoil Memory.
  • Fully compliant with ADR regulations
  • Data lines twisted separately for efficient data transfer
  • Plug design to withstand pull out force
  • Superior working life.
  • Improved terminal design for long life.


  • Sheath material with excellent resistance to general chemicals and greases.
    Durable and reliable.


  • Black cable sheath with colour coded ISO connectors


  • 13 P coil for trucks and trailers.


Max Extended Length (m) Cable Specification (mm2) Voltage Standard
3.0 10 x 1.0, 3 x 1.5 24 V ISO 12098
3.5 10 x 1.0, 3 x 1.5 24 V ISO 12098
4.0 10 x 1.0, 3 x 1.5 24 V ISO 12098

Pin Diagram

13 Pin ISO 12098

Pin Description Pin Description Diagram
Pin Diagram Left Hand Indicator Pin Diagram Reversing Light Pin Diagram
Pin Diagram Right Hand Indicator Pin Diagram Power Supply
Pin Diagram Rear Fog Light Pin Diagram Worn Brake Lining Sensor
Pin Diagram Earth Pin Diagram Pressure Sensor For Brakes
Pin Diagram Left Hand Rear Position Pin Diagram Axle Lifting Device
Pin Diagram Right Hand Rear Position Pin Diagram Earth For Contacts 14&15
Pin Diagram Stop Lights