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High Speed Precision Stamping


At Omni Matrix our sheet metal fabrication capabilities serve all your manufacturing needs. We offer a wide range of surface finishes depending on demand generation. In any automobile sheet metal parts are a common sight. To cater to this demand Acom Group started a stamping division in 1961. As the demand for stamped components grew, Omni Matrix established a new division dedicated solely to progressive stamped parts. Omni Matrix manufactures terminals for various applications which vary from automotive connectors to battery connectors.

Served Sectors

Progressive Stamping

Automotive BS VI Fuel Injectors

Progressive Stamping

Automotive Connectors

Progressive Stamping

Solenoid Coils & Hall Effect Sensors

Value Added Services

Progressive Stamping

Heat Treatment

We can give heat treated metal parts

Progressive Stamping

Surface Plating

We offer a wide range of surface plating options

Progressive Stamping

Over Moulding

We can provide plastic over moulded components

Progressive Stamping

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning removes dust particles from the parts

Progressive Stamping


We do Sub-Assemblies as well as final product assemblies

Technical Specifications

Capabilities & Services

Machine Details:

Manufacturer Machine Specifications
Brand Auto feeder SPM 700
Brand Servo feeder & Coil straightener SPM 200
Brand Auto feeder SPM 60

Part Production Capabilities

  • We can manufacture parts of various thicknesses

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